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Highlights Week 2 

Division 1 :- Greyhound scored a surprisingly comfortable win over Unison thanks to a significant 23 points from John Wilson. 15 points from Charlie McAuley enabled Whippet to earn a draw with Rugby Hounds. An impressive 22 points from David Sinclair was a major factor in Newburgh Lions' win over Helenians. 19 points from Paul Prior assured Ormskirk Tennis Club’s victory over Squigglers. In the other game Colly Wobblers beat Robin Hood.

Division 2 :-  Kevin Walton (14), Clive Walton (12), and Barbara Flaherty (13) led the scoring for Abbey Saints and enabled their win over Legion Lions, for whom Steve Garrett scored an impressive 18 points. Gang of Four had the narrowest of wins over Abbey Sinners who lost by a single point for the second successive week.   Bill Gerrard contributed a massive 23 points to the Sinners score and Rob Jones replied with 18 for the Gang of Four.  In the other game Parbold Exiles beat Benchwarmers.

Posted by Mike Unsworth 20/09/2017

Highlights Week 1 

Division 1 :- Unison began their defence of the title with a convincing win over Squigglers; Darren Martin (16) and Charles Johnson (15)  led the scoring for the winners. 16 points from John Wilson assured Greyhound’s victory over Robin Hood. Colly Wobblers, for whom Pat Gibson scored 20 and Mike Unsworth 19 beat a three man Helenians;  Mike Flaherty scored 15 for the losing team. Newly promoted Ormskirk Tennis Club began their season with a win over Rugby Hounds; Sarah Lawton scoring 16 for the winners while David Hodgson scored 16 for the Rugby Hounds.

Division 2 :-    Gang of Four, for whom Ann Frank scored 12, began the season with a win over Legion Lions; Steve Garrett contributing 14 to the Legion’s score.   Derek Baker (14) and Alan Thompson (12) led the scoring in Ormskirk Theatre Company’s narrow win over Abbey Sinners, for whom Bill Gerrard scored 14. Ormskirk Farmers had a useful win over Aughton Institute; Dave Berrington scoring 12 for the winners. Abbey Saints, thanks to 15 points from Kevin Walton and 14 from Barbara Flaherty beat Parbold Exiles    

Posted by Mike Unsworth 13/09/2017

Charity League 

Congratulations to Ormskirk Tennis Club who are winners with Unison in second place. Both teams won three of their matches and both had a points difference of +23. Ormskirk Tennis Club won the match between the two teams so win the Frank Tarpey Trophy.

Posted by David Hodgson 16/08/2017

2017-18 Season 

The fixtures for the forthcoming season have now been added

Posted by Darren Martin 31/07/2017

Charity League 2017 

The fixtures for this summer's Ormskirk Charity League are as below:


JULY  17                 UNISON                                    v   ORMSKIRK TENNIS CLUB  44-49

                               COLLY WOBBLERS                   v   ORMSKIRK THEATRE CO.  48-36

                               Questions :  Helenians

JULY  24                 ORMSKIRK THEATRE CO.         v   HELENIANS  39-48

                               COLLY WOBBLERS                   v   UNISON  35-52

                               Questions :   Ormskirk  Tennis Club

JULY 31                  HELENIANS                              v   ORMSKIRK TENNIS CLUB  52-60

                                ORMSKIRK THEATRE CO.      v   UNISON  50-56

                                Questions :   Colly Wobblers     

AUG  7                   UNISON                                   v   HELENIANS  40-35

                               ORMSKIRK TENNIS CLUB        v   COLLY WOBBLERS  48-33

                               Questions :   Ormskirk Theatre Co.

AUG  14                 HELENIANS                             v   COLLY WOBBLERS 36-56

                                ORMSKIRK TENNIS CLUB       v   ORMSKIRK THEATRE CO.  46-51

                                Questions :     Unison

Handicaps  :          Unison  0    Colly Wobblers  4     Helenians  10   Ormskirk Tennis Club  12    Ormskirk Theatre Co.  18

Posted by Darren Martin 12/06/2017
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