Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues


2019-2020 is the 50th season of the Ormskirk Quiz League.

Please get in touch via the contact page.

Online League

An Online League will begin on Monday September 14. Seven teams will take part.

Fixtures are available here.

New season

The MQL Council has agreed that is unlikely that a full programme of face to face league matches will be possible before January 2021.

The Council and the constituent leagues are hoping to arrange some form of online quiz matches from September.


I have added two quiz sites at the end of the Links tab.

One is for fans of the walls on Only Connect.

One is wikiquiz where you can play many live quizzes on a wide variety of topics.


No matches were played this week.

The committee will continue to monitor the situation.


The MQL Council has decided by email exchanges the situation for the rest of the season.

Matches in Ormskirk can take place this week. All events after this are delayed.

All events organised by MQL are delayed.

The full decision is on the MQL website here.

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